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The highly anticipated GM Electronic Parts Catalog includes many new and enhanced features. As deployment begins, GM Dealers and Saturn Retailers will experience:

New Look and Feel - Windows based application allows users to intuitively navigate the application to quickly and efficiently find correct parts information, but maintains the shortcuts familiar to long term Snap-on EPC users.

All Applications - The GM/Saturn EPC, Supplemental 1, Supplemental 2, VIN RPO with Ultra VIN Filtering, Associated Parts, Broadcast Sheets, Parts & Service Bulletins, Basic Integration to your DMS such as transferring shopping lists.

Product Enhancements - Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI), E-mail Capabilities (parts & illustrations), Synonym lists, Quick lists, Notes and EPC Feedback Capabilities, plus more...

Following the initial release of the application, Snap-on will continue delivering additional features included with the application, such as:

Web-Based Updates - Your Dealership/Retail location receives data updates within 48 hours of release, maximizing parts ordering accuracy, thus ensuring your customers have the right part at the right time.

Web Based Back-up - This feature provides maximum uptime, usability, and flexibility which helps drive improved business results. The EPC will be available to each Dealer/Retailer via DVD and the web, reducing the likelihood of business interruption. Because of this unique back-up capability, Dealers/Retailers continue running business critical operations with minimal interruption for improved business results, customer satisfaction, and improved technician productivity.

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