Caterpillar SiS Service Information Training and Software

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Caterpillar SiS Service Information Training and Software

Message  knovel le Sam 21 Fév - 17:36

PC based software interface for Caterpillar Electronicly controlled diesels. Caterpillar ET electronic technician A training course video. Also SiS Service information system.

Note: I do not have the crack/serial for these programs. I just made images of his CDs since he wants to run it on his PC at home. We tried my friends subscription number and it wouldn't work either, even with the origional DVD. I am sure someone out there can crack this and do us all a favor! I do know different codes open up more flashing and upgrade features. CAT sells this software in different stages. Expensive as hell just for one engine serial# ETxxxxxx is an example given on the cd sleeve.

The training vidoe doesn't need a crack. It explains the system and diagnostics.

If ya don't think you can crack it don't download the programs. Just get the HEUI training file. Burn all to CDs with Magick ISO.

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